Thursday, February 28, 2008

Help me choose a design

In Bath I bought a jelly roll of fabric. My first one ! I had been tempted for some time, with all these adds I receive everyday from shops in America. I succumbed.

For those who have not yet be confronted with this new temptation, jelly rolls are bands of fabric 2.5" large (6.5cm) by the width of the fabric, they are really easy to use and open up lots of possibilities, as they cut down the preparation time.

I started to make a log cabin quilt, and now wonder which arrangement to choose.

There are 24 blocks, about 10 1/2" unfinished.

I spread the blocks on the floor and took lots of photos, and would like you to vote on your favourite. You can do that easily in the column on the right.

I think this one is called "Sunshine and shadow" (l'ombre et la lumiere).

This display is called "Furrows "( les sillons), all the light and dark follow a diagonal.

I would mix the blocks and colors as in the photo.

I believe this one is called "Strike of lightning"(les eclairs du tonnerre), but of course the photo should be the other way to see it more easily.

This one is called "Barn raising" (construction de grange).

"Triangles", I suppose you could imagine many more names for this one.

"Windmill" (moulin a vent), the name provides a good description, but I wonder if my colors are strong enough to sustain this design.

This is the book I used, called "Log cabin", it is also translated in French. But I cannot seem to find it at the moment, no doubt it will reappear as soon as I have finished this post.

So go on, give me your opinion by voting on the right handside.

I shall make a quillow with my finished quilt, with my patchwork group.


flom369 said...

j'ai une petite préference pour ombre et lumière, mon dieu, quel projet je suis admirative, et j'ai hate de le voir commencer

Lova said...

It's so great of you to show us all the different arrangements possible from the same 24 blocks. The are all gorgeous but I prefer the Furrows one.

Gina said...

I love Log cabin. I like the setting that's the last one in the book. The one that looks like a M and w on their sides

love and hugs xxx

pascale said...

super coloris ! j'avoue que le choix est vraiment difficile, peut etre un petit + pour Sunshine and shadow

Anonymous said...


I like them all of course, but think the Barn is the nicest. What pretty designs and lovely colours.


Anonymous said...

Difficult choice indeed ... but I would say : 1/ Barn raising, 2/ Furrows and 3/ Windmill - These are my favorite ones. Bon courage !

Anonymous said...

Sunshine and Shadow for me,


amatchi said...

mon montage préféré est construction de grange.

annie said...

ça donne envie d'en faire un, ma préférence va pour ombre et lumiére, bonne continuation

Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

je les aime tous, mais j'ai un faible pour les moulins à vent ....

katelnorth said...

I love log cabins - I think my favourite for this set of blocks is the barn raising.