Monday, February 25, 2008

The earth is red...

I have finally finished my block for the earth in the Atelier Rouge led by Pascale in France. I still have some more to do.

She has finished her project and presented the results from other participants, you can see them there.

She is also starting another project over the course of one year in embroidery and ribbon embroidery, the explanations will be in French.
She does some lovely designs, and offers some advice. She even managed to get us a discount to buy the silk ribbon necessary.
The project is called "Nature et petits points", nature and small stitches, literally.
I am hoping to do it in time for a change, we will see.

I have ordered the necessary ribbons, but they may take 2 weeks to arrive. Am I late already ?


Anonymous said...

un travail magnifique, j'aime beaucoup!!!!! bravo

Marypatch said...

et bravo pour ton tour du monde,il est très réussi !
J'ai hâte de voir ton atelier rouge terminé !
Merci de ton commentaire sur mon blog !

pascale said...

Super mignon :! courage la fin est proche !

CATANGEL said...

C'est beau ce que tu as fait, moi aussi, je suis très en retard, je viens de mettre un bloc sur la russie

Jenaveve said...

These are beautiful! I love the detail on the houses and the trees.

DIANA said...

i love these blocks and also the log cabin quilt!!!wow!!

cath said...

C'est super beau..