Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cupcake purses

This is oil cloth (in french toile ciree), bought at Laura Asley.
I cut it to keep the size of the cupcakes on each little purse. These will be useful for the girls, they can take some money to school to buy some tuck.
I also made a long pencil case in this fabric, need to find the photo. DD3 is using it already so it's not looking so new anymore.
I could make more and sell them, get on a kind or roll. But only for a while.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knit hackers

My DH found this article about knit hackers in Austin, Texas. This is all done with the Museum of the town, and wouldn't have happened without an army of knitting volunteers.

I like the idea of knitting getting closer to art than craft. I think it draws attention to the possibilities offered by yarn and needles, or crochet. People take products for granted and at the same time lose the understanding of how it is made. That's when you get "Did you make that", in amazement and without any comprehension of the time and equipment needed to get to that result.

So I love these manifestations of textile art.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm taking part in the Olympics !

Ok I'm not taking part as an athlete but my participation will be given to an athlete coming to compete into the olympics or paralympics games. This initiative is run by "Quilts for London" and is going on in Great Britain. The idea is to give a pennant to every one of the 12 000 athletes, and we have until the end of 2011 to finish our work.

 I chose a gymnast as their silhouette is so recognisable.

You can see the quilting on the back. I kept it very simple.
I hope that the person who will receive it will like it.
Each one of us in our quilting group is making something, and I should be able to show you the photos when we all get together ready to send them off.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hen cards

 These were made for a birthday request, and the theme was chicken. OK mine are hens.

I must confess that I was running out of time and used some pre printed fabric with hens on them. I still think that they look great, but wish my effort was a bit better. Days like this happen.

No more birthday for the moment so I should have time to prepare for the next one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Napkin holder

This is a project using card and fabric. It was offered by my local quilt group, The Golden Lion Quilters who meet in Swindon. I chose a bright Kaffe Fassett fabric and love the result. Some members in my group have made several as they make really good presents. Here are the photos.

I put some white paper napkins in but they are a bit on the small side.

I wish you a good sewing day.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cats everywhere, in fabric card and a toy

Again time has been flying by.
We went on holidays skiing and that took a lot of organising on my account before and after the week we were gone. I think I caught up with the washing, nearly.
I didn't do much sewing while I was away or since I came back but I have some little things to show you.

First there was Barbara's birthday, and she asked for a cat on her card, and this is my result. I pieced a background and drew a cat face on a paper template, then fabric. I used some free motion sewing to applique the design.
They look a bit cheeky.

Now I can stay on the theme of the cats with this blue one.
The pattern comes from Wee Wonderfull and this link will take you to Hillary's page of freebies. She has also published a book.

I love this cat, the design is very modern and you could put the head at a different angle to have a new expression.
OK and I could also give him some eyes and mouth.