Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quilting Bee shop, near San Francisco

While in America, dear Husband bought me some fabric in a shop, and he also took some photos for my blog.

Why are US shops so big, and our shops in Europe so small, be it France or England. Even the oldest shop in the centre of Paris would be tiny in comparison.

It means we get less choice as well for the fabric, and the prices are higher. Would bigger shops be better for their own business or have they no chance of surviving here.

I must say that I know a few people who will spend many hours working on a project, but will not invest in nice fabric. The result is not
as nice, but they don't want to pay the price of the fabric.

Look at this place, there are hidden corners with more fabric everywhere. It's paradise...

And at the end DH paid half of what I would have paid in Europe.

As we are going with all the family at Easter, I will have to make sure half my suitcase is empty on the way, and full when we come back.

Knitted scarf

I finished daughter number 1's scarf. I had to go back to the shop for my 3rd skein, as I had only bought 2.

Of course she is very pleased with it.

Of course I have started on the next one for daughter number 3, and I had only bought 2 skeins, and the shop is out but have reordered. I'll have to go back.

I visited the haberdashery 3 times this week, my personal record. Nothing finished to show you yet.
I left some thread so you see what it looks like. The effect is very nice but the knitting is difficult. If you lose a stitch, it's gone. You can't see the stitches, but it does hide any errors.
It's great to be able to do something in the car or while waiting at the swimming pool.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christmas in January

It feels like Christmas in January, and I am very lucky indeed.

My husband is back from America, and my dear sister-in-law, Karine, has given him a present for me : fabric. She knows me well.

Now what shall I make with all these delicious colours, the japanese ladies, the big circles on a black background.

A thousand thanks to you Karine.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lingerie and shoe bags

This is another present that finally reached its new home.

There are 2 bags for shoes and underwear, as it is so obvious from the designs on them, made with fabric, applique and some ribbons. Fast to do but I had to make a trip especially to find matching ribbons.

Karine was very pleased to receive them, all the way to America, as my husband went there for business this week. He is a darling as he went specially to a patchwork shop for me, and is going back in a few hours as it was so cheap compared to England.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 little cases

While in Paris I bought some plastic coated cloth (toile enduite en francais) because the fishes on it were fun.

I have quickly made use of it by sewing a zip and making these cases, including the biggest pencil case that my daughter, number one, wanted to do with my help.

I've had to go twice to the haberdashery shop and bought nearly all their white zips in the sizes I wanted. It is a small shop, but very valuable.

I have since made 2 more, it's easy and fun.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Little mouse

I found the pattern of this little mouse on Victoria's blog called "". It is written in French but I am sure you can copy the pattern and use it even if you don't speak french.

Have a look around her site.

I wanted to do it for some time, and finally found the time during my Christmas holidays. I did most of the work by hand as the piecing of the head has got to be done precisely, and I couldn't use my machine but only an older one. It reminded me how lucky I was to have a modern machine to use at home !

I'll keep it for now, but it might go to a good home later...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Marche Saint Pierre

Each time I come to Paris I visit the "Marche Saint Pierre", as I used to when I was living in the town. If you don't know the capital and come for a holiday, it is easy to find : next to Montmartre's basilic, built in white stone and offering a magnificent view.

You have to turn right just before climbing the steps up the hill to the white stone church. It is the traditional area of the city to find the fabrics for the house, dressing up, dressmaking, and of course patchwork. It is sad to see the place being overtaken by cheap tourist shop, but I suppose there is more money in it.

So I indulged in some retail therapy. First I went to Dreyfus, the man operating the lift seems to come from another time, and the choice is almost overwhelming, you can find some interesting prices for cotton fabric but you have to look a bit; there are also some patchwork fabric, but not a lot when I went as they were due to do their inventory and had not reordered.

Next I went to "Tissus Reine", it looks tidier, but the price is higher as well, better selection of patchwork fabric.
There are different shops everywhere, under different names. The ones that sell "coupons" can offer some bargains, like some liberty fabric I found.

And then I went to "Moline", they have different shops in the same street, and in the one marked "mercerie", which means haberdashery, you will find tucked away a good selection of patchwork fabric, plus lots of bits and bobs very useful.

It is hard to resist buying fabric in such an environment, there are displays everywhere. In fact I went twice as the first time I wasn't able to visit all the places.

Now I am back home in England, and the house is nearly in order. I shall be able to do some sewing again soon.

If you go to Paris enjoy.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Second bag

I showed you earlier a bag I made in green here. My sister loved it so much I made her another one in this catching fabric.

I hope she enjoys it as much as I do mine. It is hard to wait for the summer to see her use it.

Christmas presents and happy new year

First I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. It seems to be widely celebrated here in France, a sign of the secularisation of society.

I have not been so present on this blog for the past week, and regret it, but I was quite busy, going out and everything, and really enjoying myself. It is so nice to see your good friends and family, even if it is only once a year, or so it seems.

Back to my crafting, I can show you some photos of things I made for Christmas.
Daughter number one is modelling.

There are 2 scarves made in crochet with a thread by Debbie Bliss in cashmere and cotton. They are fast and fun to make, and I found the pattern in this book: "First Crochet: Step-by-step Projects for Crochet Novices by Lesley Stanfield"

I really enjoy the book and have also made some baby shoes from this. I need to take some photos. I have tried the flower but not done anything with it yet.
It is my best book on crochet.
I will show you something else tomorrow, a bag.