Sunday, May 19, 2013

My first knitted cushion cover

Dear Husband borrowed a book from the library for me on knitting. In there was a project for a cushion cover using chunky wool. It goes up fast and provided your sample is OK you can easily make a cushion cover.
Here is the result:
and the link to my Ravelry project page

 I think the cushion pad is getting a bit old, it's not very square any more. I can assure you that my knitting and the backing are square.

The zip at the back is hidden and the fabric is from Benartex, Cool Britannia collection.

Enjoy your sewing.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Little twister stars, tesselations

I made a workshop for our group The Golden Lion Quilters to realise the pattern of the twister stars. There are lots of illustrations on the internet of this block, and books and rulers.
I couldn't ask every member to buy the ruler, so designed a cardboard square with all the marks to realise the twisting. All the ladies enjoyed my workshop, some of them finished their blocks and made it into something.
I had some Liberty squares which I sewed together and added a border all around.
Next I marked with a pencil where to cut for the tesselation to happen.

This is what I had cut, twisted and then sewn back together.
 I realised at that point that you need a very good contrast between the fabrics. And I don't think there was enough here.

I was left with my samples, and I have to use them. This one became a cushion cover. Another one you might think, but I have some wearing out on the sofa, so I'm trying to replace them.

I quilted around each little block, to show them better, and then added some FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) in the border

This is the back with the zip hidden.
This cushion looks beautiful with the white background. Still pristine. And it means I can enjoy seeing my work displayed.

I wish you lots of sewing time. I'm off to see the Malvern Spring Quilting Show tomorrow, with 2 friends. It's bound to be a great day out.


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Busy with life , and sewing...

During the February half term holidays in Wiltshire, while there was no school for the girls, they kept me busy in the house and out. We had 2 bedrooms redecorated after some flooding from a bathroom upstairs, and they want new curtains, bedding, and pillows.

This week involved a trip to Ikea and Dunelm to buy new things.
I made 2 cushion covers for DD, in her chosen favourite colour, this aqua blue, or is it Teal, Turquoise, so many names. She loves them.
Back with hidden zip.

My next mission in her bedroom will be new curtains, as well as for her little sister. But I can't make them until I have finished the quilt for DD2, and that's an ultimatum !
Lots of work in perspective, but I love them.
Cushion in front of the new wallpaper on one wall.

Enjoy your sewing.