Friday, June 29, 2007

Sources of inspiration

I can find inspiration in the magazines I subscribed to, like "Patchwork and Quilting" and "Popular Patchwork". I also like to look at french publications, and I find that they have very different models. The French like, for example, to use beige linen. That would never figure in an english publication.

If you are going to France try to buy Marie Claire Idees, they only publish 4 numbers per year, but are easy to find. They have a few designers who prepare projects on a theme, be it recycling, or the sea, or children. There is always something to make you take up your needle and go to the shops.

I also love books, and have quite a few. I will have to show you some of them one day.

Inspiration also comes from the fabric sold in shops. Like many patchworkers I am what you might call a fabriholic. My stash is growing all the time, even if I use some of it.

I also like to look at what other people have made, and when I visit a show I take some photos to help me remember what inspired me. Here are some from Malvern, may 2007.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

one year already

I opened this blog a year ago and haven't used it. What a shame, but life is so busy.
On the patchwork side, I have been very prolific recently. Thanks a lot to QuiltersNews Network. It is free patchwork TV on the net, wonderful. You get experienced patchworkers demonstrating their techniques and showing their quilts and other items. I have learned a lot.
The address is

I particularly like Eleanor Burns videos. They come on Thursdays, every hour. At first i found her southern accent quite irritating, what with being french and living in England, but then i got really interested in her work. She is a very clever woman, with lots of quick tips. And she doesn't make a fuss. The name of her show is " Quilt in a day". I had never seen anything like this. There is nothing on TV about patchwork in Europe.

The other thing is other people's blogs. They are very stimulating. I have found a group of friends in France who share their ideas and realisations on the web. More later I suppose.