Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week end bag from Amy Butler

I started working on this bag, and then it took me longer than I thought to finish it.

I saw a sample at FOQ in Birmingham last August, and ordered the pattern. The fabric is curtain material, and it is all lined in cream.

I love it but am a bit worried about how strong it will be, and if it will keep its good looks with use. There is a lot of interfacing, and lining to make it stronger but I didn't have one of the products recommended.

And there it is with a photo of the pattern from Amy Butler. You can find these pretty much everywhere.

Sorry for being away

I realise that I haven't been posting for a month. It's never happened since I started this blog. I even prepared posts for when I was away on holidays.

The only explanation is that I was busy, just with life. There were all these end of year party, and children things. I do realise that my new job has taken a big toll on how much I can sew, and the time spent on the computer looking after my blog.

Now that the school holidays have started I hope to have more time to post and to sew. So before going away, I might do a few posts. I don't know how much internet access I will have while away, so can't guarantee that I will be much here then.

Now to write another post on some sewing.