Saturday, February 02, 2008


Like a lot of you out there, I love fabric, buying it and using it. Before starting a new project I always worry that I won't have enough, and sometimes I don't !

Dear Husband has brought back a lot of fabric, and I have been wondering if I should show them to you, or if that would be too much. I'll choose a half way and put some.

He brought back these plastic thimbles. I had never seen them before, they are really good, much softer on the fingers than the metallic ones.
I also asked him for a 12"x12" square ruler, I already had 2 smaller ones and this one was a much needed addition.

We both love japanese fabrics.
And I love reproductions of Toile de Jouy.

I saw these 2 on the website while he was still there, so was able to order them from him.
I think I will do a bag with the green fabric.
I shall now resist buying any more for a little while...that is until the 15th February when I am going with my 2 older girls to a craft show in Cheltenham. I'll keep you posted.

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