Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The gentle art of domesticity

This is a book written by Jane Brocket. I quite enjoyed it, and to give you an idea I will copy a bit of her introduction :

"There is a world of difference between domesticity and domestication. This book is about domesticity and the pleasures and joys of the gentle domestic arts of knitting, crochet, baking, stitching, quilting, gardening and homemaking....Domesticity gives us the opportunity to express ourselves...".
She is so positive about all the good things we do in the house, and very relaxed about her techniques. It is quite a big book, not of patterns but more a reflection on the urge to be creating in a domestic environment. She talks about her inspiration, the joy of making things with her children, meeting like minded people from all around the world, the history of all these activities, and lots more.
I think I have read most of it, when I thought I would just have a look through.

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Jenaveve said...

Just stopped by your blog and I saw this book - I started reading it some time ago and really enjoyed it (saving it for a rainy day). I like her philosophy on domesticity and it really is a good source of inspiration. It's nice to find a book of this sort that's not just about technique but getting into the essence of a creative life. Great imagery too.