Monday, August 09, 2010

Knitted socks

I have made some socks before and then I stopped. In fact the first one on that pair was made probably last year. Recently I managed to start the second one, and then stopped again. But now that I am on holidays from work, I managed to finish the second one.This stopping and starting is the reason why they are not completely similar. But I am sure it won't have any consequence when wearing them.

I like the way the toes are finished. It's not like something you see in the shops.

My heels were difficult, but they look all right at the end.
I love my socks.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Here are the 7 cards I made for the swap. 6 were sent and I kept one to remind me of my work.

The background is made of 6 squares of fabric on the theme of summer. My idea was of a hot day, enjoying a cool drink in the garden.
The glass and jug were glued on the background and then I did some free machine quilting to attach them.
There is a zig zag stitch all around the edges.

I really enjoyed the process of planning and making these cards. My problem is still finding the time to make more.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

July's card swap with BQL

I took part in a swap in July on BQL. We swapped fabric cards. I made 7 and sent 6 of them. In exchange I received 6 different cards.

Today I'll show you the cards I received. They are all different and all beautiful.

This first one from Irene in Scotland is of a thistle of course.
There is some distressed netting, and free motion quilting on the flower, with squares of fabric to make the background.

This one is from Carole in England. Each piece is carefully cut and appliqued on the background.

From Marian K, she had to eat a lot of penguin bars to make her cards and there is a very fine blue non woven fabric on top. Lots of fun.

From Sue W, the photo doesn't make justice to the shiny pieces on the fabric and to the hand embroidery.

From Miriam B there is some machine applique and free machine quilting.

And last in this series but there is no real order, this card from Inge in Germany, hand embroidered with a log cabin.
I am very grateful to all these ladies for the hard work they shared with me. In fact I enlisted on BQL post card group to take part in more card swaps.
Next I'll show you the cards I made.