Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally meeting Pascale

Again this photo was taken during the Easter Holidays in France. I finally got to meet Pascale, we share the same name, with her beautiful children. If you look again the youngest, who is only about a month old at the time of the picture, is showing his head out of Pascale's coat. I'm the one standing on the left.
We met on the Grand Place in Lille, and it was still very cold at the beginning of April.
There is so much to talk about, we will have to meet again.
You can visit her blog "Journal d'un Atelier". She writes in french but speaks english as well so you can leave her some comments. She has had some of her projects published in France, and is very creative. Enjoy.

As a present I gave her the little purse in the front, the other ones have gone already but I think I might make some more as I really love their shape. They are from Tilda and appeared in a previous post.
I also made on the morning of the meeting this blue rabbit case. It seemed to fit with her having a new baby boy.

It was so nice to finally meet her as she organised 2 challenges I took part in. The first one was red houses, which I need to finish, one of my UFOs. And the second used ribbon embroidery, and I also need to finish it.
She hasn't done a challenge this year, I guess I know why she is busy, but she is still an inspiration.

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Sandra Henderson said...

OH my, how special to meet! I love your little purses and the bunny bag is precious! XO