Sunday, May 09, 2010

My first knitted hat

OK I'm a bit behind with writing my blog. I'm trying to keep up with everything : work, children, husband, house, and other commitments.
We have to finish some quilts for the Hospital. I only need to put the labels but it takes me longer than I thought to do that. I'll show them soon.

Now I took some knitting with me on our last holiday. I bought this gorgeous wool in a shop in Burford UK. It's called Colinette, Skye.
The pattern was on Ravelry and is "Pajunkissa". It is done on a circular needle.

Oh and the gorgeous model is DD1. I love her hair coming out.

I had to start 3 times to get the right size but the wool is so nice to use that I didn't mind.


Sandra Henderson said...

Oh, how lovely. Such pretty colors and your daughters hair is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so proud of you for making this! I have always wanted to learn, but alas, I'll leave the knitting to my daughter for now. Thank you so much for sharing these photos and I've missed you! However, I completely understand that your priorities are with your family and stitiching FIRST! :) XO

Mrs. Mike said...

It's beautiful, Pascale!
An excellent fiber does make a difference.

Blogging here too, has had to wait on some more important matters, but I'm glad to see (as I would expect from you)that your creativity is always in full swing.

Our knitting basket has been put away for the summer- we're heading out to the garden till, say, September?

Enjoy your week!