Monday, April 19, 2010

A late birthday present

This was a late birthday present for my friend Katherine. We have been running together for the last 6 years (already). We are trying to go out twice a week at the moment.
2 years ago we were together in Bath in the fabric shop, and she noticed this panel. I bought it for her but it's taken me all that time to make it, and she received it after her birthday (you know how it goes, you start a project really early, then get distracted and it is not finished in time).

The panel is printed and all the quilting was done by hand, relaxing. I have put a photo of the back as I was hoping the photos would show more of the quilting, but I am not sure it is enough.


Sandra Henderson said...

very pretty! I notice it says mini quilt in the label. how big is this? I just love the colors, beautiful job quilting it. So special.

Anonymous said...

The quilt-gift that you did for your friend is wonderful. She must be very happy and lucky too!!!!!!!!!

sewkalico said...

It looks great Pascale! I am making a quilt for a friend - I have given myself two years, but I guess I will still be late LOL.

sewkalico said...

ps Love the rose fabric on the back!!!

Helena said...

Very pretty!!!!!!!