Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keyfob for work

This is a quick post. I am back from holidays but in washing mode, putting away the stuff we took we us, and catching up with the many emails, before reading all the blogs I follow.

So this is my version of a key fob. This used to belong to my husband, given to him at one conference. I changed it to my own version by undoing all the seams and covering the writing on the nice thick ribbon, with some fabric left over. All the plastic parts were kept.

Have you seen my whistle?! I need it for my new job in a school. I work part time now as a teacher assistant, until 1 pm every day of the week. It makes the rest of the week very busy, and I really want to have my time for sewing. The big advantage of working in a school is that I am home when the girls come back in the afternoon and we get the same holidays. But for now it is still the Easter break and I managed a few small projects when I was away. Just wait and see.

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