Monday, April 26, 2010

A rabbit to keep my card

You can see that I had a bit of time during the Easter holidays.
I made this little purse to hold my credit card, and replace the ugly, boring, plastic one I had before.

My only slight worry is that the snap fastener might need to be resewn at some point. Of course I can't use a magnetic fastener because of the nature of the credit card.

The pattern comes from a book I really enjoy at the moment, called "Zakka Sewing, 25 japanese projects for the household" by Therese Laskey and Chika Mori.

The meaning of Zakka is "household good" in Japanese, and the projects were made by 25 different japanese designers. Luckily it is all in english, no need to translate. You will see other projects from this book soon.

The black and white fabrics are a bit different from my usual choices. Interesting. And I'm glad I've made something for myself and am using it. Otherwise I have a tendency to make things that are so nice that I don't use them. Or I use them as presents, hopefully to people who will enjoy them.
I'm trying to change that as I have so much pleasure in using things homemade.


Sandra Henderson said...

SO adorable! :)

sewkalico said...

Very cute!

Nancy said...

beautifull ... welldone