Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toy bags for Christmas

As I was tidying daughter number 4's bedroom, I realised she needed a toy bag. And as things go I have made 3 now.

I started with 2 using some fabric I bought from a sheeting factory, sadly closed now, in Northern France. I kept the width to be the height of the bags.

But they were too blue for a girly bedroom, as you can see below.

So I decided to do another one more pink, still using fabric I already had, and this is the result, at the top.

I must explain that being the youngest she has the boxroom, so called by the Victorian, because it was mainly used to store boxes.
It is big enough for a bed and some cupboards, but her toys are the most voluminous of the girls -you know small children, big toys, and as they grow older, the size of the presents shrinks, and the prices escalate. So her bedroom looks very often untidy when she is playing in it.

Will it work, I wouldn't bet on it...but it might help to keep some things in order.

And the 2 other bags, they will be for her 2 cousins; and their mums, if they see this, must keep it quiet.

I think I will hide the knots on the drawstrings first.

Enjoy these last few days before the big one. I have 3 nativity plays and a concert by the school to attend in the next 6 days. You do get into the spirit of the moment.

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Anonymous said...

The one with the daisies is super nice ! I bought a similar bag at IKEA, for my kids'toys too, but it was actually sold as a laundry bag ... Love from Berkeley where we can feel the spirit of Christmas under the blue sky (but it should rain a lot next week !). Karine