Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I wish you a Happy Christmas

Sorry I haven't been present much lately, because of the holidays, travelling to France and seeing some family and friends. I haven't done any sewing lately either. Just knitting a scarf for my daughter, because I can do it in the car.

The only thing I can show you are some decorations I made in previous years.

This is our advent calendar. It came as a back panel, with bands of fabric to be sewn to make the pockets. Of course the numbers are put at random.

We made this little cube in our patchwork group. The cardboard inside comes from cereal boxes.

This I made quite quickly, each star or tree is in two fabrics, one on each side, with wadding in the middle, and free motion quilting on top. They are attached onto a grosgrain ribbon with a nice red button. And the ribbon makes a loop to attach to the tree at each end.

This hanging is made with triangles of fabric, 2 colors sewn together, here green and red.

Sew right sides facing, all the way, leave a gap to turn, take away some fabric in the angles. Turn to have the right way out, slip stitch closed.

Next you need to attach each point to the centre, for me the red points meet in the middle of the green triangle.

Last you need to turn the unit, here on the red side, and pull the middle of each side to the centre of the triangle, so you have green coming back to the centre of the red triangle.

You need to sew all the units together to obtain the shape of the tree. I had 15 units, 1 at the top and 5 at the bottom.

I added little gold beads in the centres.

Enjoy this day, I wish you a lot of happiness.

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Lova said...

Wishing you a wonderfun new year Pascale. Hope you had a great time in France.