Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quilt for the hospice

As I cannot show what I am working on at the moment, I will show you this quilt made last year with my patchwork group to be given to the local hospice.

We all followed more or less the same pattern, with a nine patch block, but the results were all different of course. Some put their blocks together with sashing, some were straight or on point like mine.

The hospice was very happy to receive them.

As our next work for a charity our chairperson offered to give some cushions, and her offer was politely rejected on health and safety grounds.

This is very disappointing, as we could have provided new, fire treated pads; or they could have put the pads themselves.
So our brief is to make cushions that will be sold to the public on behalf of a charity.

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Sandra Henderson said...

Lovely. I think most here in the States have to be washed first, but otherwise not a problem. I make FUN/bright pillowcases for ConKerr (children in hospitals w/cancer) and prewash and put in ziploc bags. Sad that so many rules get in the way!..... As we say here: "There's more than one way to skin a cat!" though.
sandra in GA