Friday, November 30, 2007

Workshop with Jan Hassard

The photo we were given for the workshop.

Last Saturday I spent the day at a workshop with my regular quilting group, with Jan Hassard, who comes from Bath.

It was very enjoyable, not only because I didn't have any home duty, but also because of all the creativity involved.

We had a long list of fabric to bring, I had 2 bags full, because I always worry that I won't have the right one, and I didn't cut anything beforehand, just to make sure I was doing the right thing with the right colours.

Later in the day it proved to have been the right choice as several friends were saying they wished they had chosen different fabrics,...

The units are made with 2 squares sewn together 1/4"on each side of the diagonal, to make 2 half square triangles. You then add a triangle on each side of one square to build a bigger triangle, which is itself sewn with another fabric triangle.
You need to assemble 16 units to make one block, and the blocks put together make a secondary pattern.
Jan Hassard had brought a few quilts which were all wonderful. She told us a bit about her teaching and the groups she attends, and then finally it was time to start....the day went very fast indeed, and at the end I still wanted to work, and in fact did a bit more at home later.

I will now continue to make the blocks until I get enough for a single bed quilt for daughter number 2.
It goes quickly as I do a lot of chain work, to make many blocks in one go. The cutting takes some time.

And I might run out of fabric as I am using all my batiks, but they look wonderfull, and they must be used at some point. Maybe it will reduce my stash if I resist buying some more.

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