Friday, November 09, 2007

Atelier rouge - progress

I have made some progress on my blocks for the atelier rouge, started by Pascale in France. We have a deadline now of finishing by the middle of December. I am not sure I will make it.

I added the sky with the bird nests and the satellite dish over the houses.

I completely changed another block, just kept the size the same.

Instead of a traditional village, I chose to do an african village. It was fun to do, although I first had to find a design for the house.

I have started working on the central block, the earth.

I have decided to change the blocks left to be done, maybe not all of them though.

So wait and see...


pascale said...

super joli dis donc ! j'aime bien ta version des petites maisons collées ! et la hutte et l'arbre aussi !

pascale said...

Encore moi : t inquiete pour la "deadline", il y aura des sessions de rattrapage pour l'expo !