Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mug purse

I needed a present for a friend's birthday, and rather than running to the shops with no idea of what to buy, I prefered to make her something.

I have been sorting out my magazines and had cut out this picture of a purse in the shape of a mug. I copied the idea and took photos all the way through so you can make one too.

I first made a paper pattern of the size I wanted. Big enough to get your fingers to the bottom, but small enough to take in a bag.

I cut my front fabric and wadding roughly to that size, and the two sides of the lining. Then I cut the shape for the bottom, plus fabric, lining and wadding.

My zip is in a matching colour, blue here, to keep the theme of the china fabric.

Cut 2 squares of fabric and 1 wadding for the handle.

I started sewing with the zip. With your special foot, or by moving the needle on the sewing machine to one side, sew the zip to the top of both sides in the front fabric.

Then sew the lining to the inside of your purse, you should be on the same sewing line.

For the handle, sew the outside line of your pattern on the wadding and 2 squares of fabric right sides together, cut around with your seam allowance, and finish by hand. You will have cut the wadding next to the sewing line, and on the pattern line, before closing the handle.

The next stage is to insert the handle on the side and close the sides of the purse (but not the lining).

Check that the position of the handle is pleasing, insert the wadding on the wrong side of the purse, the top touching the seam for the zip, pin. Then put the fabric right sides together and sew from 1/4 inch at the bottom to the zip. On each side.

Cut the wadding along the sewing line to reduce the bulk.

Then sew the lining right sides together, but leave 1"gap on one side to allow for the turning of the purse at the end.

With the purse wrong side out, sew the bottom (fabric and wadding) to the purse. Check by turning to the right side that everything is in place. Then do the same with the lining and sew the bottom of the lining.

Nearly finished.

Turn your purse to the right side, slip stitch the opening inside closed.

I found I needed something else so sewed 1/4" from the zip at the top to create a little ridge. It brought the height of my mug down, making it easier to use, and gave a better shape.

This photo was taken before.

The last touch is the little tea bag hanging from the top. Attach a piece of ribbon to the zip pull, and sew a square of fabric to remind of a tea bag.

Bravo, you have made your first mug purse.

I think I will have to make another one. They are really cute and they can have so many use.


pascale said...

Merci beaucoup, très intéressant !

saffiertje said...

I love this oe sure I am gonna try one!!! Thanx for the tuto