Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My daughter's new skirt

In the summer we had fun with my sister making a little skirt for her daughter. We did it all by hand, after buying some fabric on impulse.

I promised my daughter, number 4, that I would make her one, and now I have.

The problem is she wouldn't come in the garden to take a photo, so it is daughter number 3 who did. I am lucky it fitted her.

It is very simple as there are 2 only rectangles of fabric, and an elastic.

She is 6 and a half but quite tall, so I cut the fabric with seam allowances included:

- for the top 33"x9 1/2"

-for the lower portion 44"x11 1/4".

Sew the short sides together, right sides facing, 1/2" from the edge ot the fabric on the 2 rectangles of fabric. You now have 2 rings. Overcast side edges, as well as the bottom of the upper portion and top of your lower rectangle.

Put a gathering stitch (I can do that with my machine and a basting stitch) 1/2" from the top of the lower portion, gather until it is the same length as the top portion. Pin and sew right sides together.

Hem the bottom of the skirt by folding the fabric on itself twice, 1/4 " each time.

Fold the top of the skirt twice, making sure that it is wide enough to accomodate the elastic. Sew leaving a gap big enough to insert the elastic.

Use a safety pin to insert the elastic all the way around the top of the skirt. Attach the 2 ends securely and check on the child if possible.

Sew the elastic solidly to make a ring.

Close the seam at the waist.

Et voila.

Of course you will have to adapt to the child. Measure around the waist and the length between waist and knees, depending how long you want the skirt to be. Add enough for the seam allowances :

-1/2" at the bottom, 1/2" for the middle seam on the fabric at the bottom,

-1" for the elastic measuring 1/2", and 1/2" for the middle seam, for the fabric at the top.

You could also use different fabrics top and bottom.

But do use fabric you love and that the child loves, or your work will be in vain. Use good quality for the fabric as well as I don't know many children that sit still.


mamie cocotte said...

merci de ton message sur mon blog.
J'aime beaucoup Janet Bolton

Brikebrok said...

I did something similar to my daughter too ! :-)