Tuesday, October 09, 2007


There must be something about needlewomen and pincushions, as I seem to have made quite a few recently.

It might be because they are quick to make, and we have a use for them.

This first one comes from a kit I received 2 years ago from my sister for Christmas. I enjoyed doing it as everything was precut, especially the tiny little dots in felt.

There is the needle holder, the pincushion and the scissors tag-thingy.

There you have 4 of them.

The one on the top left we bought in Brighton, it is a bit kitch, but very practical as it is very stable when you are half looking where you are putting your pins.

The one at the bottom left is my latest, just finished. It is for daughter number 2.

It was a project we started in my patchwork group "Golden Lion Quilters". They meet in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, on Wednesday evenings every 2 weeks from 7 to 9 pm ( contact Frances Tel 01793 825382).

We made 2 squares in cathedral window, and joined them together to form a little cushion. It is all hand sewed. A quick project to use little bits of leftover fabric. The seam between the 2 squares is hidden by the purple squares.

This little one is called a "biscornu".

I faithfully copied a design published on a french website called "Au bout des doigts", although I cannot find it there any more. You can see the instructions in french there.

Or in English with beautiful photos here.

It is made with only 2 squares embroidered, here in cross stitch, and sewn together with one corner in the middle of the other square's side. You need the photos to fully understand.

And here is the other side of my Biscornu.

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Yona said...

I liked the first one, very cute.