Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jeans bag

I wanted to make a bag , again from Marie-Claire Idees published this summer, in Jean fabric. And then my daughter's school bag started breaking, too many books to carry.

It gave me the excuse to start on that bag.

It didn't take long to make, and it was fun to go to the haberdashery with her to choose the buckles, and the silver thread.

The flowers were designed by daughter number 1, and redrawned by Dear Husband. Then I free machine embroidered them with the silver thread requested by dear daughter.

It went very well. I was a bit worried about the metalic thread not working, but it ran smoothly through the machine, and I didn't even need to put the reel holder upright.

My daughter had her ideas, and she accepted some of mine, like the pink flower, made from fabric left over from the bias, and gathered with a running stitch. I hand stitched the beads in the centre to hide the threads.

I put a magnetic button to close it, and doubled all the seams to make them stronger.

It was great fun.

Now I hope it will resist the strains of school. She does look after her belongings, but she carries too much.

And we made the little charms dangling from the buckle.

She was very proud of her bag, and showed it to her friends. It is all original and her choice.
This is really one of the great joys of having daughters, although they are not babies any more. I can still do some things for them, and with them.


Karine said...

Good job ! This is a unique bag, for sure. I guess soon you'll have to sew three others, no ?

pascale said...

Thanks Karine for your comment. My excuse so far is that they don't need a new bag yet. But I have seen another one I am dying to make.