Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My small sewing box

This is my new sewing box, carrier, I don't know how to call it really.

It comes from this book.

I received it for Christmas 2006, after seeing it in a shop, and I love it. It is different as it celebrates the little objects that were used by women for sewing. There is no plastic and you can make all the pieces in the book following the explanations and drawings.

The book is in french and is called "Ma petite mercerie" by Veronique Maillard.

You need 5 pieces of cardboard for the 4 flaps and the bottom.

Most of it is hand sewing, as you are sewing fabric around a rectangle of card.

When you have covered the 5 pieces, you prepare and sew the middle bit which is only fabric but folded in 3 to give it more body.

I added to the model as I included some wadding on the inside of one of the flaps, so it becomes a needle holder.

I am very pleased with the result and use it when I need to take some bits and pieces away from my sewing table, like in front of the telly.

No more thread rolling under the cushion or the sofa.

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Benoit Philippe said...

This is a very nice box with great fabric.