Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Craft Sale

You know Christmas is coming when you find reindeers in an outlet village shopping centre.

Or when you are invited to take part in a Craft Sale. This one happened at Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon, last Friday, 30 November. I took a quick photo of my stall, not very easy with all the things happening around.
I had half a table and sold a few things, had a chat with very nice people and enjoyed myself. I am to bring it all back for my knitting group who meet in the same place on the second Monday of the month.
I bought from another lady a pot of jam, lime and ginger. As it is almost gone, I hope she will bring her stock back and I will buy some more, some to eat ourselves and some to give away.

This little owl to use in the kitchen was waiting for eyes for ages. Made with the block Drunken Path, alternating the fabrics and the direction of the blocks.
This sale meant I rummaged through the things already made, finished some projects I had forgotten about, and created new items for the sale.
What was the most difficult for me was to find the right size to make an ipod cover. I had 3 trials to get it big enough, and apparently it needs to be taller for the Ipod5! My daughters love their music and all the games they can play on these clever little machines. DD4 uses her's to read her emails as well.
So here are the covers.
 One is missing, sold before I took the photo. It had the black and red writing and was a bigger size, like the blue.

DH chose the fabric so that it is a bit manly, I like it, and put some purple inside for fun. there is a pocket to store the earplugs, and my inspiration came from this pin, but when I follow the link I can't find the post. So you only have the photo.
It's a way of avoiding more plastic, and I love the contact and cushioning of the fabric.
I need to make another one for my camera before it gets damaged in my bag.

My thought since I started making coasters, zip pouches, etc... was that I could always use them as presents for the people I love around me.

Enjoy your sewing.



Anonymous said...
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benta atSLIKstitches said...

Always fun to have a stall, and such a buzz when people but stuff. I have never seen an owl from DP blocks - very cute.