Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally meeting Pascale

Again this photo was taken during the Easter Holidays in France. I finally got to meet Pascale, we share the same name, with her beautiful children. If you look again the youngest, who is only about a month old at the time of the picture, is showing his head out of Pascale's coat. I'm the one standing on the left.
We met on the Grand Place in Lille, and it was still very cold at the beginning of April.
There is so much to talk about, we will have to meet again.
You can visit her blog "Journal d'un Atelier". She writes in french but speaks english as well so you can leave her some comments. She has had some of her projects published in France, and is very creative. Enjoy.

As a present I gave her the little purse in the front, the other ones have gone already but I think I might make some more as I really love their shape. They are from Tilda and appeared in a previous post.
I also made on the morning of the meeting this blue rabbit case. It seemed to fit with her having a new baby boy.

It was so nice to finally meet her as she organised 2 challenges I took part in. The first one was red houses, which I need to finish, one of my UFOs. And the second used ribbon embroidery, and I also need to finish it.
She hasn't done a challenge this year, I guess I know why she is busy, but she is still an inspiration.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A rabbit to keep my card

You can see that I had a bit of time during the Easter holidays.
I made this little purse to hold my credit card, and replace the ugly, boring, plastic one I had before.

My only slight worry is that the snap fastener might need to be resewn at some point. Of course I can't use a magnetic fastener because of the nature of the credit card.

The pattern comes from a book I really enjoy at the moment, called "Zakka Sewing, 25 japanese projects for the household" by Therese Laskey and Chika Mori.

The meaning of Zakka is "household good" in Japanese, and the projects were made by 25 different japanese designers. Luckily it is all in english, no need to translate. You will see other projects from this book soon.

The black and white fabrics are a bit different from my usual choices. Interesting. And I'm glad I've made something for myself and am using it. Otherwise I have a tendency to make things that are so nice that I don't use them. Or I use them as presents, hopefully to people who will enjoy them.
I'm trying to change that as I have so much pleasure in using things homemade.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A late birthday present

This was a late birthday present for my friend Katherine. We have been running together for the last 6 years (already). We are trying to go out twice a week at the moment.
2 years ago we were together in Bath in the fabric shop, and she noticed this panel. I bought it for her but it's taken me all that time to make it, and she received it after her birthday (you know how it goes, you start a project really early, then get distracted and it is not finished in time).

The panel is printed and all the quilting was done by hand, relaxing. I have put a photo of the back as I was hoping the photos would show more of the quilting, but I am not sure it is enough.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keyfob for work

This is a quick post. I am back from holidays but in washing mode, putting away the stuff we took we us, and catching up with the many emails, before reading all the blogs I follow.

So this is my version of a key fob. This used to belong to my husband, given to him at one conference. I changed it to my own version by undoing all the seams and covering the writing on the nice thick ribbon, with some fabric left over. All the plastic parts were kept.

Have you seen my whistle?! I need it for my new job in a school. I work part time now as a teacher assistant, until 1 pm every day of the week. It makes the rest of the week very busy, and I really want to have my time for sewing. The big advantage of working in a school is that I am home when the girls come back in the afternoon and we get the same holidays. But for now it is still the Easter break and I managed a few small projects when I was away. Just wait and see.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter - Joyeuses Paques

I have gone on holidays for 10 days, so will not be able to answer your comments, but meanwhile I wish you all a very Happy Easter. We say Joyeuses Paques in French.
Don't eat too much chocolate, and I hope you find some time for sewing. I have taken quite enough to keep me busy all the time, and hope to be able to sew a bit.
See you soon.
A bientot.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

A new pencil case

Last Saturday, DD4 was invited to a party by her friend Hannah. She likes rabbits at the moment, so I hit the shops trying to find things rabbity for a girls aged 9. If only it had been about cats, there is all this Hello Kitty stuff everywhere.
I found some lip balm and shower cream, but while I was there I just resolved to making something with some of the fabric I have at home. I was bound to have something with rabbits on.
I found this Japanese linen fabric that is so cute. That was perfect.
Cut a rectangle, some lining fabric, find a zip, and Voilà !

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Belt for the playgroup

My friend Chris has started working for the playgroup and needed a belt to carry her notebook, pen and some cards. So this is all made to measure in a way, to fit her specific needs.
The fabric is aimed at the children, aged between 3 and 5 years old.
The tie is very long on purpose, to fit any clothes she might have to wear.

I'm really happy my skills could be used to help her. She is modelling for the photo.