Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Visit to Bath

On Saturday, DH, DD3 DD4 and myself spent the day in Bath, in England of course. The first objective of the day was to drop my sewing machine to be serviced in the Husqvarna shop. I must say I was very satisfied with the service. We left it in the morning and I had it back at 3 pm. It is now so much quieter.

The bits of thread and fluff that get under the bobbin and feed dogs can't be stopped, sadly. I shall try to clean that part of the machine more often,otherwise my empty bobbin indicator doesn't work anymore, until the next service of course.

We were hoping to visit the Fashion Museum, and the Asian Museum, but the shopping won.

Second stop was the patchwork shop "Country Threads" in Pierrepont Place. It's Alibaba's cavern, you could spend hours there...except the girls wouldn't have any of that. I managed to buy some fabric, admire some quilts, pick up some ideas for future projects.
Here are some photos taken on DH's phone.

There was a lot more shopping. Some tea and coffee in a shop were the girls were offered to smell the lid of jars: vanilla tea, chocolate coffee.. I thought it was a really good idea, as it got them interested at 11 and 8 years old.

And then we saw the windows of the All Saints shop, full of old sewing machines. I wasn't the only one dribbling in front. Sadly the photos are not so good because of the reflections.


Mar said...

I wonder some day I could visit Bath. I enjoyed so much those little pics you posted ;p

Kandy Newton said...

Bath is such a fabulous place to visit - love those old sewing machines.

sewkalico said...

Looks like a wonderful day out!