Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kath Kidston bag

While we were in Bath we had a look at the Kath Kidston shop. There was this book with enough fabric included to make a bag. I just had to buy the book and make the bag.
The other projects are quite simple, but could be inspirational, depending on what you are looking for. I thought that for £15 I could have a book and a bag, so not bad then.

The pieces of fabric were pre-cut, that's what I call luxury, with little marks to match up the seams. The buttons and label were also provided. I copied the pattern first, on the recommendation from DH. I'm not sure it was included on the pattern sheet provided.

Then I decided to line my bag, and add an inside pocket. It's easy when you have been making bags in a challenge for a year.

So a quick project, which stopped my progress on
the UFO list, but nevermind.


Mrs. Mike said...

Indeed 15 pounds well spent, I'd say! But then I'd say by the look of things on your blog, you like bags!

Beautiful fabric,well stiched.

sewkalico said...

I have that book, but have not made the bag. A good idea to line it as I thought it looked a little thin unlined. Yours looks great!

Karine said...

J'aime beaucoup ! Le tissu est très raffiné. Hmmm ça sent bon le printemps !Kisses from Le Havre

pascale said...

très beau, tout frais ce sac !