Monday, January 11, 2010


We have had some snow since last Wednesday morning. School was out on that day for all 4 girls, but the youngest had to go back on Thursday, and the others on Friday. The roads were not safe at the beginning, but are OK now.We have been sledging every day, and there have been some attempts at igloo building, but not very successfull.
Here is what it looked like on Wednesday morning.

The girls are getting ready to go to school, with my friend Chris all kitted up to walk in the snow with them.

The pleasure of children walking in fresh snow is such that we all went to accompany them to school at the end. Only to all come back soon after.

This photo was taken by my husband on his way to work on Thursday. Everything looks so beautiful, although very cold indeed.

This last photo is to show you that I did manage to do some sewing. I finally reopened my working/sewing station. The machine is in place and I can work on my UFO, the Dreamcatcher quilt for DD2.

I cut 120 rectangular pieces for the border.


Anonymous said...

We also just had our first real snow last week, and I love it! My children are all grown, but my grandchildren love the snow also. I am afraid I cannot enjoy it except through the window or kicking it. I remember when I lived in Michigan as a child, we had snows that would go up to my waist. It was a real dream...and they never even closed the schools!!! Enjoy all your moments to do your fine needlework!

sewkalico said...

I will be glad when the snow is gone, but only because it means I get stuck in a lot with my car being so useless in the snow! Your cut fabrics look fun, can't wait to see what you are up to!