Friday, January 30, 2009

How to use a hand held sewing machine in Bangladesh.

This is my first attempt at putting a video on my blog, I hope it works. I found this on "Histoires de boites a couture", a blog in french written by several authors on all things related to sewing. There are also some videos of old american ads for Singer sewing machines.

Don't take the video at the first degree. I believe it is ironic.

Sorry I can only manage a link to You Tube to watch it. I've tried several times with other ways, no success. At least it works.

Now thanks to Nathalie L I have done it, so proud of myself.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A little mishap

This didn't end up as it was supposed to.

I really like it, but I intended to make a sewing purse for my niece and it is way too big. I started thinking that she would need space for some long scissors, and to keep her projects in, so I aimed a bit big.

It is only when I had done all the quilting, put the zip in and started to sew the sides that I thought maybe it wouldn't be that small.

I bought her, yes sorry there wasn't enough time to do another one, something else and filled it with goodies, including a pink needle holder . She loved it so everything is well.

I am keeping this purse/big bag, how to call it, and will use it to store fabric near my sewing table, and protect it from the light. I love the finished product, bright colours.

These photos show you the fabrics used. A fat quarter of the purple with flowers wasn't enough, so I added some pink for the bottom of the case. I quilted it with a grid on point as you can see on the second photo.

I then put the zip between the 2 ends of my piece and sandwiched it with the lining. There is a seam before and after the zip to go down the sides.

The lining at this point is a rectangle the same size as the top.

On the right is a view of the inside at this point.

Now take your project right side out, fold it and put a pin to mark the middle of the bottom, and then the middle of the sides, ie the point folded when the 2 previous ones meet.

Decide how big you want your fold to be, which will decide of the height of your case; draw a 45degree angle between the pin in the middle of the sides and the fold (see photo to understand). Sew the four corners, and then the seam in the middle. Cut the surplus fabric from the angles.

For the lining sew the sides together with the zip in the middle. measure the width of the case and draw on the lining. And following the photo pinch the angles, draw a line, sew and cut the spare corners.
On the second side of the lining, leave the first seam open so that you can turn all of the case out.
After doing that slip stitch closed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January Calendar

So this is my new challenge for this year. Every month we are to make a small panel, and attach the month's calendar beneath.

January is inspired by Kandinsky, the round shapes are appliqued on the background and attached with a small zigzag stitch, or button hole stitch.

The only thing left is to attach it to the wall; I bought a bar to put a net on windows, and sawed it to the right size, it fits very nicely.
I need to post it on BQL, as well. I'm ready for the next one.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

December bag

I know it is not December anymore, but I (nearly) finished this bag on the 31st of December, to end the BQL challenge of the year. Nearly because I still had to sew the gap at the bottom, and put the sewn bias to close it.

And so this is the last one of the bags made following Kandy's patterns. I really enjoyed this challenge and think nothing now of making bags, I know I can do it. We learned different new techniques, and having a finishing date every month helped me stick to the schedule.

The bag measures 14" high by 14 1/2" large, plus the handles.

I have added a pocket inside.

And on this last photo you can better see the fabric and the gathering channel.

The challenge for 2009 is a perpetual calendar, and I have finished the first one, photos to follow shortly, I just need to hang it on the wall.
You can still join this new challenge by going on to BQL's website (British Quilter's List). This is going to be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Little purses

My kitchen is nearly finished, Steffen has left the house, and we just need to decide on which colour to paint the walls. I am slowly washing everything that needs to go back in the cupboards, because of the dust during the work. We managed to fill a few boxes with stuff for charity.

So I should be back to more sewing, finally.

I must say that it has been snowing here in the south of England, not much but it is very cold outside, so no running for me at the moment, that would be too dangerous.

Here you can see our back garden, with the swing and the trampoline, and the door of the rabbit hutch open. I think the rabbit is hiding somewhere under a bush, to keep warm. He is very good and follows us around outside, and is always eager to come back for his food at the end of the day.

I haven't got a camera as DH took it to immortalise the scenery today, but I can show you things done before, like these 2 little purses made for my Mum and my sister for Christmas, to match their bags from this summer, all Ikea fabric, I just used what was left.

I kept them flat so they take less space in a bag. Not lined so they are very simple to make.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Men presents

I can show you photos of some things made for the favourite man in my life for Christmas. I had to work on it while he was out of the house, but you always want to make a few stitches at the week-end, don't you, and I couldn't on this project.

He needed some bags for his business travels for his shoes and his washing, so I made them. And then I made some more for another man in my life (my brother but he hasn't had them yet, I trust he doesn't read my blog).

With my wonderfull sewing machine, I love it, I was able to add their names on the items.
I chose the english terms "Shoe bag", because it was quicker than "Sac a chaussures", but I kept "Sac a linge" in french.

The fabric was a remnant from Laura Ashley, and thicker than quilting cotton. And I added two little zippered pouches, to keep the little bits you always lose in a big bag.

Happy New Year

No photo today. I wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2009, with lots of time to be creative, time to be with the people you love, peace and a good health.

The weather today is not as cold as yesterday, still only 0 C. There isn't the white frost on all the plants that was beautiful, and we haven't had any snow. Maybe later in the winter.
Enjoy the moment.