Thursday, January 01, 2009

Men presents

I can show you photos of some things made for the favourite man in my life for Christmas. I had to work on it while he was out of the house, but you always want to make a few stitches at the week-end, don't you, and I couldn't on this project.

He needed some bags for his business travels for his shoes and his washing, so I made them. And then I made some more for another man in my life (my brother but he hasn't had them yet, I trust he doesn't read my blog).

With my wonderfull sewing machine, I love it, I was able to add their names on the items.
I chose the english terms "Shoe bag", because it was quicker than "Sac a chaussures", but I kept "Sac a linge" in french.

The fabric was a remnant from Laura Ashley, and thicker than quilting cotton. And I added two little zippered pouches, to keep the little bits you always lose in a big bag.


flom said...

ils sont chouettes tes petits sacs
j'en profite pour te souhaiter une merveilleuse année 2009 !!!!!!!!!

Wali said...

Merci pour ton gentil message. Toi aussi tu fais de jolies choses. Il va falloir que je fasse la même chose à mon petit mari qui va aller travailler loin de moi (snif).

sewkalico said...

Lovely Men gifts! I thought your sewing kits were gorgeous too! Happy New Year to you!!