Saturday, January 10, 2009

December bag

I know it is not December anymore, but I (nearly) finished this bag on the 31st of December, to end the BQL challenge of the year. Nearly because I still had to sew the gap at the bottom, and put the sewn bias to close it.

And so this is the last one of the bags made following Kandy's patterns. I really enjoyed this challenge and think nothing now of making bags, I know I can do it. We learned different new techniques, and having a finishing date every month helped me stick to the schedule.

The bag measures 14" high by 14 1/2" large, plus the handles.

I have added a pocket inside.

And on this last photo you can better see the fabric and the gathering channel.

The challenge for 2009 is a perpetual calendar, and I have finished the first one, photos to follow shortly, I just need to hang it on the wall.
You can still join this new challenge by going on to BQL's website (British Quilter's List). This is going to be a lot of fun.


sewkalico said...

Your bag looks great. I decided not to do this next challenge as my year is going to be pretty busy! I did think that when things calm down, I may set myself a challenge though!

CATANGEL said...

OUAHHHHHHHH, il est superbe ce sac !!!!!