Friday, January 30, 2009

How to use a hand held sewing machine in Bangladesh.

This is my first attempt at putting a video on my blog, I hope it works. I found this on "Histoires de boites a couture", a blog in french written by several authors on all things related to sewing. There are also some videos of old american ads for Singer sewing machines.

Don't take the video at the first degree. I believe it is ironic.

Sorry I can only manage a link to You Tube to watch it. I've tried several times with other ways, no success. At least it works.

Now thanks to Nathalie L I have done it, so proud of myself.


Nathalie L. said...

J'espère de tout coeur qu'elle est ironique ...

Pour inserer des vidéos dans blogger tu dois selectionner le code HTML de You tube dans ton article, mais avant tu dois te mettre en mode HTML au moment de la rédaction et non en mode rédiger REDIGER. Tu repasse en mode rédiger, tu ne vois qu'un carré blanc, et si tu fais "Preview" tu verras ta vidéo.
J'espère que tu vas y arriver.

Nathalie L. said...


Beatrice said...


oui, c'est un faux reportage.
yes, it's a fake !

Je crois que ça vient de The Onion, journal satirique américain (qui a aussi une chaîne de télé sur YouTube)
I think it comes from The Onion, a satirical newspaper (which also broadcasts on YouTube)

Merci pour votre blog, je reviendrai. Thank you for your blog. I'll come back.

Katie said...

I am from quilts4london, and wondered if you would like to update the details for our logo button. The etails on how to do theis are on the 'link to us' on the top right hand side of our homepage

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