Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phone socks

This was a quick make.
DD1 has a new phone and needed something to protect it, we bought some baby socks, cheap, cut and sewed them to get this result.

THis was the first attempt, not good enough at the end. It looked very much like a cut sock because of the heel.

Then DD2 suggested that we sewed the toe of the sock to the top part, and I made 6 of them.

In a way it looks like very strange socks.

I think next time we need to find some for older children, still cute, but with a longer ankle part so that I can do a straight seam and be done with it.

It would be a good fund raiser kind of project.


sewkalico said...

I'm sure they'll do the job and it's a cute idea especially if you wanted to 'recycle' odd socks out of your laundry basket!

*karendianne. said...

Great idea! Very cute. Love it! Lovely Blog you have here. :) Nice to visit. Lovely day to you.