Monday, June 15, 2009

Japanese plates table mat

Ihave finished my japanese plates table mat which was previously shown as a work in progress.

Once the 12 blocks were hand appliqued, I sewed them together by machine, and added some strips of fabric on 2 sides to fit the table. That's the only bit not done by hand, with the first seam on the binding.

All the quilting was done manually, and
again I enjoyed that.

I have even put a label on, with the name of the designer,etc...

This is beautiful if I may say so, I love it. It will be what is sometimes referred to as an heirloom that stays in the family.


Wali said...

Bravo Pascale ! Je l'adore, il est magnifique. Tu peux être fière !

Solstitches said...

This is beautiful as is the little sewing cabinet!
I love those tiny Dresden plates and now need to see if I can find the magazine on eBay.


sewkalico said...

It looks beautiful

Anonymous said...

This is just the most beautiful thing. I have been trying to find the magazine on eBay but to no avail. Any chance for some instructions?

pascale said...

You could try to draw it yourself as the pattern is protected. Each square measures 4 1/2 " finished, and the appleque is 3" in diameter. Cut the pieces in paper, 8 of them, and reuse them every time.
Good luck, you can do it.