Thursday, June 11, 2009

May calendar

As part of our BQL Challenge for the year, my May quiltlet had to feature some machine trapunto.
I had some practice last year in my
quilting group, so the technique was not new to me.

You need to draw your design on your front fabric, or use some tear away with your design on it, and put it in front of the fabric.
Place some wadding under the design pieces, and quilt using your favourite technique. Then you carefully cut the wadding around the stitching. You only have it left where you want more volume.

The second stage is more like normal quilting. You make a sandwich with back fabric, wadding all over, and your top. You quilt all the background surface. Here we used a method called Mc Tavishing, named from a lady who started this in America. I tried and am no way an expert.
By the way I used a variegated thread.

The design I chose is the name of one of my daughters, Clara, and a flower. She selected the colour to fit in her bedroom.

And now it is on the wall, until it can go in her bedroom. The colour seems different on this photo, but it is lighter in reality.


Uniquely Yours Creations said...

I love the way that came out.
Nice texture; I would like to
try that.

flom said...

ohalala, c'est magnifique, tu es vraiment douée, tu as des doigts de fée
j'adore, le boutis je n'ai pas encore essayé

Anonymous said...

I love Clara's quilt. How do you do this? I am a knitter and too scared to venture into quilting it looks too tricky!

pascale said...

To make this you put the wadding behing the front fabric and sew around the design. You then ut the surplus wadding, for me around the letters and the flower. They stick out. Then you make your quilting sandwich as normal with wadding and back fabric. It is easy, give it a go, you might get hooked like a lot of us.