Sunday, August 31, 2008

August evening bag with BQL

You know that I follow a challenge on British Quilters List to make a bag a month, and use less plastic. You can find my previous bags here.

This month's production is rather cute, more an evening bag than a shopping one.

It was really quick and enjoyable to make, and I am thinking of making more different ones but on the idea of a small, pretty bag for the evening.
I would use some wadding maybe, as well as metallic thread if I was to put an embroidery.
For this bag I used the embroidery designs on my machine, so fast and so neat, with a variegated thread.
The bag holds its shape thanks to iron on vilene put on the wrong sides of the outside fabric and the lining.
I love it and intend to keep it for myself.

Green Ikea bags

I also had the occasion to visit Ikea in Brussels (Belgium), and every time I cannot resist their fabrics. They are often modern and much cheaper than what I find in regular shops.

I was very good because I used them straight away to make 2 bags, which have gone already, one for my sister, and the other for my Mum, who, incidentally, has broken her foot a week into the holidays. She was pleased to have something to carry stuf around, as she can't walk without crutches.

Because I had more time she also benefited from a pocket inside, sorry little sis.

My little label is on the inside seam, and they are lined with plain cotton.

Because of the size of the trees on the fabric I needed to do big bags, they can be used for general shopping.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The giants of Le Quesnoy

During my holidays I stayed in the North of France, in what used to be my grandparents'house, which my mum has kept.

The first Sunday, 3rd of August is traditionally the carnival with the Giants in Le Quesnoy (59). There is a long traditon of giants in all the region Nord-Pas de Calais. This is not very well known outside the departement so I thought I would post a few photos.

The town has 2 giants : Pierrot Bimberlot and Maori

We also saw Penelope, visiting from Villers-Outreaux. She was accompanied by some ladies dancing with their lace shawls.

We also had Napoleon and his soldiers (sorry for my english readers but he is a heroe in France).

And then a pirate, for the pleasure of all the children present, and some belgian traditonal costumes with wooden shoes and music. He might be called Jean Bart from Dunkerque, according to Anne Bebbington who used to live in Northern France at some point. Thanks Anne.

All in all we spent a very agreeable afternoon enjoying this local event.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm back with some little things

I'm finally back from France, and sorry, no internet connection where I was, so I had to stay quiet for 3 weeks.

But I did do some sewing as well as some nice visits and general holiday stuff.

For tonight I will show you some cases for pencils or make-up.

They were made in platic covered fabric on the outside, and there is some pink lining in the pink ones. 2 of them have already gone to my sister and my niece. They loved having a special homemade present, and I really enjoyed making them.
I added my little signature on the side, with my name. I will have to think of a proper brand if they are to go outside the family and friends circles.
I am hoping to show you soon the giants from northern France, and some green shopping bags I made

Friday, August 01, 2008

Summer holidays

A word and no photo to say that I will be on holidays during the next weeks. I might be able to post something, with no guarantee.

I have many things that need some working on, and will take some projects with me, in my to do list there are :

-finish the quilting of the log cabin quilt, mark and handquilt maybe,

-create the last block in my red houses project,...the last one, but still waiting,

-make the August bag for BQL, apparently it only takes 2 hours,

-do some pencil cases with zips, all cut and ready to take with me,

-knit some socks, another pair, because it is easy to carry and do anywhere,

-do 2 blocks in ribbon embroidery , I am a bit late on this one, and I need a computer to check the pattern,

-make some little purses in felt, I'm taking that on holidays,

-the blocks from the Janet Bolton book to continue...they were given to me a year ago but I haven't worked on them recently,

and then there is my green wallhanging stuck in a drawer for a year, and the dreamcatcher quilt, and what about starting a Dear Jane, and all the books with projects I wanted to do.

I love my fabrics and making things but life gets in the way, and I do have a busy family.

Now I wish you all a very nice summer, not too hot or wet, with time for sewing and seeing friends, with long walks and nice food, and much, much more.
A bientot.