Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still here,

I realise that I haven't posted this week, but it is difficult when nothing is really finished.
I do some hand quilting in the evenings on my log cabin quilt.

I started yesterday some embroidery and ribbon embroidery, but there is still a lot to do to finish that one.

And I have started work on my November bag for BQL. There is quite a few little blocks to piece, and I need to start the quilting next, by machine this time.

Should I mention that it was DD2's birthday this week as well, and she had her party at home on Saturday. She turned 13 and the teenage years don't look like they will be easy. At least she was a lovely baby.

And of course I have a few projects in my head for Christmas, bought some fabric, I just need a bit of time I suppose.

I hope you all manage to do a lot of sewing at this busy time of year.


Nathalie L. said...

J'aime ton premier ouvrage, et le quiltage. Je crois même avoir craqué dessus ...

Lova said...

Looking forward to seeing your november bag (it's such a great idea to commit to making one each month) and happy birthday to your daughter.