Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sew Pretty Purse

So what do you do when you have several projects on the go, and you receive a new book through the post (it was difficult to obtain as 2 famous websites were out of stock). You start looking at a few pages, and then one strikes you and you have to start right away.

That's what happened yesterday afternoon, and then I was busy with other things and couldn't get on with it, so it was my first thing to do this morning. And it is finished.

The book is one of the Tilda series. They are all very inspiring, in a cute way.

And this is the little purse that I made in an hour and a half. The outside is a bit of japanese fabric bought in April, and the inside was some left over fabric from something else (I can't remember what, honestly). I bought the little snap buttons last week, because I liked the effect on the top, a bit iridescent. You need a hammer to close them down, but it's OK.

The size of the finished purse is about 6" wide by 5"tall. I really enjoyed this small project.


sewkalico said...

That looks like a great book and a great purse too!

flom said...

Et voilà ! tu es atteinte de tilda mania !
elles sont sublimes tes pochettes !
j'ai hate de voir la suite, moi j'ai des lapinettes sur le feu pour noel !!!!!!