Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Malvern Autumn Show 2

And more photos.

This quilt was designed by Lee Brown but made by Chalybeate Quilt Group, "Kamon".

I do love japanese inspired quilts, and their simple lines, and sashiko embroidery.

This is "Quilt in a day...yeah..right (2005) by Lee Brown. Even if it took more than a day, the result is really nice.

A bit of humour, by Lee Brown "Blythe Spirit", panels and figures hand dyed.

I loved the perspective achieved by this quilt, made by Lee Brown, again, called "Byzantine", with silk, calico, and organdie.

I will spare you any more. I had a fantastic time, bought lots of fabric. The prices were down probably because of the economic crisis, so I helped support fabric merchants.

And now I need to get down to doing some actual sewing, in addition to the hand quilting that I keep for the evenings.

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