Friday, June 27, 2008

Atelier rouge, a new block

This block was started some time ago, but I stopped and it lingered in my drawer. Finally after a last bit of applique, it is finished. I have sewn bands of fabric for the background, different greens to give the impression of a dense forest. The house on stilts is made in patchwork and applique. When I will be at the quilting stage I will add details to the water. It is all my own design.

I have even managed to sew it to the next block, and as you can see there is only one more missing. If you have any idea leave me a word, the theme being red houses.
I suppose I could do a schoolhouse, or a houseboat...

And if you want to see what the other members of this challenge have managed, then check this link to the photos of the Atelier Rouge on Pascale's website, Au bout des doigts. It is in French, but you don't need a translation to see photos and if you want to leave a message, she does speak english.


Ivory Spring said...

Hello Pascale,

So nice to hear from you! Thank you for the lovely comment you had left on my first quilt... I am glad I took the step to actually try it, or I wouldn't have known how much I would enjoying quilting.

I absolutely love your new block!!!! You did such a great job -- all the work in applique-ing the different pieces! I am thoroughly impressed!

pascale said...

Really gorgeous, my Dear. Bisous

Crazypatch said...

gorgeous? I love your house for the "Atelier rouge".