Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My first pair of socks

Some weeks ago I finished my first pair of socks, TADA..!
I told you about this project earlier here when I bought the wool at Cheltenham Craft Show.

I didn't show the photos as I thought Iwould change the toe part as they are not the same, but now I find that I can't be bothered. They are different anyway because of the changes of colour.

The tread changes colour irregularly, so there is no need to change the wool to get the stripes.

I bought more wool to do another pair, but my needles have been broken, twice, when I took my socks on the plane, or rather they went in my luggage. I had these lovely bamboo knitting needles, very nice to work with, but I can't find the same size.

So I will have to find another 4 in a different size.

I really enjoyed doing them, it is a very portable project, and not too much to think about until the heel and toes. I need to perfect my technique though as there is a small hole near the heel where the work is pulling a bit when it changes direction, if you know what I mean.
I don't think I will wear them as everyday socks, they are too special for me. More in the evening to watch tv sometimes, I don't want to wear them out.

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Sue said...

Beautiful socks! Great knitting. It's so annoying to have needles break - do you want me to get you some and send them to you from England?