Monday, June 09, 2008

Another bag

This bag was made with Daughter 3, who will be 10 soon. She chose the fabrics, the order of the strips, and did some of the sewing.

She found it difficult to cut with the rotary cutter, her hand was moving too much on the ruler. And sewing along the edge very precisely was also a challenge: I had to help a bit at the end.

Now that the bag is finished she is very happy with it, took it to school this morning. And she told me one of the pockets was perfect for her water bottle.

I love doing things with my girls, and hope they will catch the sewing bug... there are worse addictions.

To make the pockets i sewed a tube of fabric on the width of the lining with a horizontal line, where the flat part of the bag was to start; and added some vertical lines of sewing to separate 3 pockets. The sides are in the seam of the lining.


Karol-Ann said...

That's lovely! And such a nice thing to do with your daughter!!!

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Pascale,

Beautiful bag! You are such a sweet mother to invest sewing time with your daughters. I would be surprised if they don't catch the sewing bug if you keep making such beauties with them! :)

Pikininiz said...

She can be proud of its realisation, this bag is very nice and I like colors...

corry said...

You and your daughter did a great job on the bag, it looks fabulous!
And a pocket for a water clever is that!