Saturday, September 08, 2007

What a wonderful present

I am now back from my holidays, and finishing to put things in order, and do all the paperwork. Since I came back I haven't had time to do any sewing, or log on here. And I still have to hem some school trousers.

But back to more fun things.

In July, at our last meeting with my patchwork group I was given some unfinished work. A lady I haven't met had started to work on a project some time ago. She didn't want to continue as she was doing more painting than patchwork now.

And so I was given a big bag of fabric. There are all kinds of materials, a lot of small bits, some furmishing samples, etc...

There was a book from Janet Bolton.

I must say that I already have another book from her, bought by my dear husband. I have not started doing the project but I always loved it and was just waiting for the right moment, as we all do.

I also saw Janet Bolton last year at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. Her work is very nice and different. It is closer to illustrations than to traditional patchwork.

I also received the blocks that the lady had already done. Of course I will have to try to match the style she has chosen, and which is very close to the book.

It is quite liberating in a way to work in such a rustic manner. The stitches must show, it is the opposite of what I would usually try to obtain. They must not be perfect, and i used the same thread for all the bits on a block.

The blocks are not assembled together, and then quilted. It looks like each block could be an independant quilt in itself. In fact you could just do one and frame it maybe.

The backing shows on the front, and the folds appear on the corners.

It will be interesting to continue this project, a bit of a challenge in a way.
I have started on some blocks, I cheated a bit and started with my sewing machine instead of doing everything by hand.
I prepared my bits of fabric to make little kits, and took 3 blocks to be done on holidays. Of course I didn't finish the 3rd one and I decided while I was away that I would put some wadding in the middle to keep the blocks quite thick. And the wadding was at home.
I need to finish these before showing them here. But I have other things to show from my hols...


calamitykim said...

I just ordered one of Janet's books at Amazon. I really like her style and find the simplicity very charming. I found your Blog by entering Marie Claire Idees in a search. I am curious if it is published in English. Do you know? I am an avid art quilter and sewer who makes art aprons. Please come visit my Blog if you have time. Thanks and happy sewing! calamity kim

Anonymous said...

i love janet boltons work and i have met her too. she is just the lovliest person. good luck completing your pictures.