Monday, July 30, 2007

Atelier rouge

About 2 months ago I started a project on the web I had found on a blog. It is run by Pascale (same name), in northern France.

I find her very inspirational. She started well before me and shows a lot of different things very interesting. Her blog is in French only, it is called

She called her project "Atelier Rouge", the idea is to use fabric and thread, and the subject is houses, in red.

Her blog is visited more and more. When I started looking at it there were only references to a few other blogs, now there is a very long list. Well done Pascale.

She is very good on embroidery, from ribbon to Hardanger, with some photo demonstrations.

So far I have made a few blocks in the project. The first one is called "Birdhouses".

Following her advice I have used felt to do the roofs and openings.

All the fabric pieces were machine appliqued.

The second is the mushroom houses, in redwork for myself.

I remember very well doing this block as we were on holidays in Kent, and the weather was very nice. Little did we know that we wouldn't have much sun after Easter.

The third was supposed to be 3 houses but I changed and used one of my daughter's drawing to do modern terraced houses.

I used my artistic interpretation for the size and shape of the windows. That was quite fun. I still have to put some bird nests on the chimneys,

The fourth, is a scene with a windmill.

I am not sure about the sheep, it doesn't show much on the background.

Finally, I have made the igloo, just changed slightly the drawing from the original, and I did it in red work again, it seemed the easiest option considering the design.

I am thinking of adding my own block next, and it could be an african village, with mud walls, and a straw roof. That would be in keeping with the theme of different houses around the world.

Thanks for reading me and do leave a message, in French or English.

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