Saturday, September 08, 2007

Marie Claire Idees' bag

In the french magazine "Marie Claire Idees" published in June 2007, there was a model of a bag I quite liked.

What I didn't like was that it wasn't lined and you would see the seam allowances inside, so I changed the model to one that was reversible, including for the handles which have now 2 colours.

I love my new bag and use it everyday.

Explanations to make a reversible “baluchon” bag

This pattern was published in French in Marie Claire Idées in June 2007.

I changed it to make a reversible bag. I didn’t like the idea of seeing the seam allowances at the bottom.

You need:

- In fabric A
- 2 pieces of fabric 12 ½”x 24 ½” (32 cm x 62cm)
- 2 pieces 10”x1 ½” for the handles.

-In fabric B, same size pieces.

-2 pieces of woven cotton 1” wide x12” each,

-Assorted thread and sewing kit, sewing machine.

To make your pattern take a piece of cardboard 8”x 12” (20cmx30cm), trace a round shape instead of one of the corners.

Fold each long piece of fabric in 2, and copy the round shape with the straight side on the fold. Add 2” at the top, along the 12”side. Your opened piece of fabric looks almost like a half circle.
Put 2 pieces of the same fabric right sides together and sew along the line starting and stopping where your pattern piece started, leaving the top 2” free.
Do the same with the other coloured fabric but leave a gap at the bottom to turn the bag inside out.

Make the handles.
Sew 2 pieces of different colours along one long side, right sides together.
Turn right side out, and fold the fabric wrong sides together until the edge touches the edge of the fabric on the other side. This way the fabric is doubled in each colour. The 2 pieces should be the same width. Topstitch on the other side of the handles to close it, and again on the first side so they are symmetrical.
Sew the second handle the same way.

Take one part of the bag and pin the handles, right sides together, ¼” from the top corner of the bag, the handle going down. Match the fabrics so that each side of the bag has got a handle made with the same fabric.
Pin the other end of the handle to the other corner of the same side of the bag. You will have to pull the handle slightly as at that moment it is shorter than the width of the bag.

Put the other half of the bag, right sides together, inside the bag. Pin all around the top of the bag matching the two fabrics.

Sew the two halves together, starting from one side to the other. And then the other side. You will have to go down 1"3/4 on each side, just above the side seams.

Clip the top corners of the bag, and the curves at the bottom of the 2 halves.

Take the plated cotton ribbon and sew each end ¾” from the top corner of the bag, on the sides, exactly on the previous line of sewing.

Turn the bag right side out.
Mark 2 lines parallel to the top of the bag, at ¾” from the top, and 1” below, on each side of the bag.
Sew the top line, always be careful not to sew the ribbon as well.
Then the second line. The ribbon being shorter the fabric will gather when you sew, by moving the fabric and the ribbon you will get a flat portion for your machine.
Do both sides the same way.

Close the bottom of the bag with invisible stitches.

Your bag is finished, enjoy.


Karine said...

I WANT THE SAME !!!!!!! Bravo Pascale, I am so impressed by your creative talents. The explanations are very clear even for a person that is not into sewing like me ! Keep on the good job ... Bises de Californie, Karine

Janiina said...

Hey, I like simple and practical bags. It's very cute.

Greetings from Prague