Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This summer I took some knitting with me on holidays. It is easy to carry and do anywhere.
I know you might not all be interested in my knitting, but it seems I have some periods or phases when I play with different textile mediums.
I still love my sewing, but sometimes I need more time and place to do it, where knitting or crochet is smaller and you can do just a bit and put it away.

In fact it is one of the risks : it gets put away, and stays there for longer than planned.

 So these are my socks, always the same pattern as the previous ones.

Now I found some gorgeous wool and am starting some mittens on a round needle, but both at the same time. It is a kind of challenge, we'll see if I can manage.


gill said...

Hi Pascale
I can't knit but I still love to see what you're up too!!
Great socks

Mrs. Mike said...

Your amazing, Pascale!