Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tee shirt becomes a bag

During the half term holidays, my sister and her family came to visit us. One of her son's favorite tee shirt was becoming too small, so she asked me if I would transform it into a bag.

It stayed in England while they went back to France, but I don't think my nephew realised that. He is 7 years old. He also has several other favourite t-shirts.

And so I used my rotary cutter and a long ruler to cut the sides, and the neckline (this way I avoided the seam of the armholes and made a taller bag).

The next step is to over-sew all the raw edges of the fabric.

To make the pocket, I cut the bottom of one sleeve. I used the hem as the top of my pocket, folded 1/4" on the 3 other sides, and sewed it on one piece of the bag.

Then, when the 2 parts of the bag right sides together, I sewed all the way down one long edge, the bottom of the bag, and the other side, but on that last one I left a gap for the string or ribbon that will close the bag. I left a gap of about 3/4", or 2 cm, and then sewn to the top on the last 1".

Finally to make the channel for the closure, fold twice your fabric at the top of the bag and sew all the way around. The first fold will be your seam allowance, and the second will give you the space for the string to go along the top of the bag.

Then you just need to find a matching ribbon or string, attach it to a safety pin, and pull through the channel. Make a knot and you have a new bag.

It is an easy way to recycle old t-shirts, provided they are flat. I have an old one which I really liked, but it has extra fabric for the breasts, so is not suitable for this technique. Too bad, it was a very nice pattern.

Now I hope that when C receives his new bag, he won't be cross with me for cutting his T-shirt !


Mrs. Mike said...

I am embarrassed to say that I only discovered the rotary wheel about a year a ago and I love it!
Another genius feat! Looks great.

Plum Cox said...

Lovely! I feel the need to go and raid my small people's drawers now....although your nephew doesn't seem to have stained his t-shirt, which is more a problem with my two little grubs (or perhaps with my poor laundry skills?)! Thanks for the tutorial and the idea.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ! Can't wait to see little C's reaction :-)

pascale said...

super idée !! ca rend génial...une idée pour du recyclage de T shirts c'est très tendance écolo ! bravo

kazapunya said...

soo cute... tell me how to make that... (^^,)v