Monday, August 09, 2010

Knitted socks

I have made some socks before and then I stopped. In fact the first one on that pair was made probably last year. Recently I managed to start the second one, and then stopped again. But now that I am on holidays from work, I managed to finish the second one.This stopping and starting is the reason why they are not completely similar. But I am sure it won't have any consequence when wearing them.

I like the way the toes are finished. It's not like something you see in the shops.

My heels were difficult, but they look all right at the end.
I love my socks.


Mrs. Mike said...

What's not to love- your creativity and stick-to-it-ness inspires us! Enjoy those socks-

Benta said...

Hi Pascale, I'm new to blog surfing, but am loving it big time! Lovely to stumble across you here, and love the blog so I've clicked 'follow', Benta